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Real estate investing and Acquisition Management

Real estate investing and Acquisition Management

Real estate investing and Acquisition ManagementReal estate investing and Acquisition Management



Rental Income


Are you interested in investing in our rental opportunities?

We promise 6 to 8% cap rate return on all properties 

(market rate is 4% CAP) 

Size of projects and units varies; 

as small as 2-unit and as large as 20-unit


Income Investment


Invest with very little money AND get quarterly dividends.  

Want to invest at the ground floor and manage a project? 

We offer cash draws and fast rehabs, so your return comes back faster, minimum waiting period is 6 months. 

Direct investing in rehab or purchase of mixed use or commercial (residential) has a 10-12% return annualized 


Interested in Land?


 We have deals available for 1 acre -  10 acre lots in the woods of central Wisconsin. Beautiful plots, 

some subdivisions and some singular parcels. 

Let us know what you want to build, most are build to suit, some have improvements ready on them (e.g. trailers, homes or outbuildings).  

Start a nature walk, get a hunting cabin. Many of our deals are waterway adjacent or accessible from parcel. 

Comprehensive Services

We have a hands-on approach to creating dreams


  • Construction Management

Got a project that needs to be managed? 

  • Property Management

Got a property that needs a firm hand? 

  • Security Management 

Concerned about property or project safety?